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For those of you who practise Pilates, the advantages of Reformer Pilates in relation to the lower limb and foot especially is a hugh step towards working on your posture. It is still important for us to know how to translate that understanding when upright and in ‘Functional Mode’ correctly. Especially over the lockdown, many opted for standing desks and more running. I have joked many times, runners are a Physios best friend. In all seriousness though, do you know enough about your feet to know how it is behaving and how it affects your whole body? If you are flat, semi flat or Rigid feet? Regardless, position change will affect it so most of the time we do not have a clear understanding of changes as they are gradual but inevitable. It is well and good doing Yoga but again the changes in the feet can essentially provoke bad alignment during practise. Not to mention Hypermobiles’ like me have to work harder not to brace body or breath! For more info, click HERE.


Many volumes of books are dedicated to describing the workings of the lower limb and foot however, I can not wait to help you tune in to your feet further by giving you a sneak preview of the Lower Back fix program that MPower Rehab has just launched ’22! Learn more about this his program,  a guaranteed permanent fix and try out some of the exercises to strengthen your foot muscles and correct your alignment.  We will explore self care and do some hands on treatment for your feet


The foot acts both as an adjustable adapter and as a rigid lever. This occurs from the point of heel strike (deceleration)  through the adjustment of mid stance to a toe off position (acceleration). It also is used for all flexsion, extension, adduction, (in) abduction (out) and the triplaner motions (rotation) ot the sub talor joint. These movements all combine to allow all the full ranges of motion that we daily take for granted from this incredibly complex structure.

The lower limb (below the knee) apart from being the main extensor, flexor and aid to all main foot movements plays a vital part of the bodies venous pump system. The heart is a powerful muscle that pumps blood to all to extremities of the body the foot being the furthest and most importantly the lowest. There is no venous heart to pump the blood back to remove toxins, CO2 and return blood to the heart and lungs for reoxygenation.

This action is therefore performed mainly by the calf mucseles (the triseptssurea group) gastrocnemius and soleus. Therefore through their usage (exercise) they enable  aid the against the resistance of the factors of distance and gravity to return of blood to the heart.

It is easy to see then the benefits of Pilates to the upkeep and maintenance of these structure. It will increase blood supply to and from the foot. resupplying O2, energy and nutrients to the lower limb and foot and removing toxins and CO2 from them.

The benefits Pilates provides to the function of the stuctures of the lower limb and foot are multifarius especially through stretching. This is especially noticeable  the muscle layers of the sole of the foot which acts as a strap holding together the many bones together thus preventing any collapse of the arches of the foot. overall function of adaptability , articulation and complete range of motion are vastly improved. alongside the great advantages of of an improvement in blood circulation which greatly assists with breathing one can see the many advantages that Pilates may achieve.

But, what if you prefer functional training, Yoga or going for walks? Well, its simple with our Lower back rehab program you will be able to work on your posture. Not to mention, correct any weakness you might have in your Achillies or dropping arches.
Whilst majority of us have flat or semi flat feet, and should be working on strengthening them. We constantly use them and only expect consistent happy feet. We walk, stand, run, exercise on them constantly and never expect them to complain.

I have known people to put support under their heels to help them with deadlifts. I put it to you, would you keep driving on a weak Bridge?

We have 26 Bones, 33 joints and an intertwined group of over 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves. Are you ready to look after the feet that serve you daily? Finally ready to look after them better so they can serve you a lifetime with no, oops moment?

Why wait for an injury or problem. Be in charge of your roots and ground yourself in knowledge that will MPower you!

Are you ready? Book NOW& learn foot correction. Exercise to help strengthen and realign your Achilles tendon’s. Following with a pamper session (tips for regular self care). Not one to be missed! Reserve you spot TODAY! Look forward to helping you realign.