3 Factors Causing Foot Pain

3 Factors Causing Foot Pain

The Foot is a complex structure of 26 bones, 33 joints, and is layered with an intertwinning web of more than 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves. Running has been the best exercise during isolation for most. Not only is it a great cardio workout but perfect to destress during this pandemic. But those who know me know what i usually say.. Runners are Physio’s best friend! Finally Football back, on TV! Surely, we all admire the players ability to endure such intensity not to mention mental preparation, endurance and strength to fight off aggression from the opposition. With high intensity sports like Running, Rugby & Football to name a few, players are prone to foot injuries. However, foot injuries do not happen only to football players or other athletes; it can also happen to YOU simply because of a freak accident walking or due to have flat feet / very high arches.

We give very little attention to the foot whenever there is hip or back pain, but little do we know that lack of foot maintenance can enhance or even cause more than just bunions, calluses and much more imbalance. If you already are suffering from e.g foot, ankle or knee/hip pain, contact us TODAY and learn how Pilates or a more specialised Foot corrector sessions can help you. Here are things we need for proper foot care.


High heels? Heavy boots? Shoes, flipflops, and sandals? Open or closed? We can spend an hour at-least talking just sandals!

Football/ Rugby boots cause similar problems to wearing pointed shoes! Yes men, ever suffered from Turf Toe?

Every house needs a good foundation. As your feet supports you, you need to give full support for your feet as well. The right choice of footwear needs to provide the **arch protection**. Tight shoes and pointed shoes can cause extra tension on Fascia causing you pain/ discomfort.On the other hand, loose fitting shoes can cause blisters and in-between toe flipflops can encourage bunions forming. Be like Cinderella and make sure your shoes are just right!

When your shoes are worn out, if you notice the heel tend to wear off on the side and causes imbalance in posture. Usually more visible on mens shoes. This leads to hip and back problems. So once you’ve noticed these changes, you can get them re-heeled or have to change shoes. Insoles can help additionally to help support fallen arches, plantar fasciitis.



For those who have been to foot clinics, these are familiar terms. To remind you and let the people at the back know, pronation and supination are both positions of the foot normally made whenever we are walking or standing to balance our weight. **Pronation** is when the foot rolls **inward** after the heel lands. On the other hand, **supination** is the **outward** roll of the foot usually after a running start.



Fallen arches or flat foot are common amongst toddlers. As years go by, arches develop from the pulling of the tendons. The arches allow the foot to support the weight of the body in good posture with the least effort. With fallen arches, exertion increases which causes strain on the ankles, legs, hips, and back. People at higher risk include the elderly, pregnant women, and diabetic patients.


https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/look-after-your-curves-foot-workshop-part-1-tickets-104182480604Now that we’re aware of the causes for foot injury, it’s time we find out the solution. Treatment of foot conditions include orthotic insoles, proper stretching, and foot correction. There is a way to incorporate these methods into one – **Pilates**. The founder, Joseph Pilates, himself has given emphasis to the feet – even calling it the foundation of the body. Foot corrector apparatus helps you in fixing the structure of your feet. Pilates incorporates footwork. This also utilises other fitness apparatus such as resistance band, foot/toe corrector, massage balls for the feet.

Most people who have never heard of Pilates are not clear on their alignment/imbalances let alone ‘**neutral**’ stance. Never mind foot correction alone, some have been turning the legs in or out (Medially /externally rotating the femur) even worse, locking the knee joint unconsciously. There are repercussions to long term overuse and imbalance and the referral pain is rarely in the foot itself in most clients. I would say **99%** of beginners in our reformer classes are shocked by the level of strength and correction they have achieved during their sessions in our studio.

As we are temporarily closed AGAIN inline with Covid-19 safety guidelines, we bring back our in-house training to a Zoom call (Donations only) so YOU don’t miss out!

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Now more than ever, our feet are needing extra love and attention.

Get ready to learn, discover your body and appreciate the feet that carry you **EVERY DAY**!

“_The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art._” – **Leonardo da Vinci27