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I never thought the day would come when I could lift an Olympic bar, despite my Rehab achievements on my right hand. Having had a work related injury, I burst a blood vessel on my right hand and was longer functional. Imagine if you had been told, you can’t work for a year?! Fast forward a decade or so and I am feeling the best EVER!

Injuries happen, even to instructors. RSI is likely for all of us if we insist on repeating actions, not just bad ones. It’s only a matter of time! I was not aware about my Hypermobility until it was too late. I spent years with experts understanding the condition and working on a rehab program not just for me but to cater better for you, my clients. It bothered me my invisible condition was not spotted by my own instructor’s over the years training in both Pilates and Yoga principles. I dare not comment about my concerns to how general PT’s conduct group/bootcamp sessions especially but I am sure you get the gist!

I vowed to rehab people and not accidentally harm them longterm.

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Pilates or  GYM?

Hope Pilates was established in 2010 to insure, I could share this invaluable life lesson with you all. In the heart of Streatham Hill, it has run a range of wellbeing sessions from Mat/ Reformer Pilates classes to dance and also alternative couch based therapies. Post LockDown, it’s sister company was born, MPower Rehab! The place to hang out and WORK HARD, while having FUN ofcourse! Enjoy the Rehab programs at your own VIP GYM or, if you prefer at your home. Why not simply come and and check out the Squat rack or our Vegan protein shake! Monthly membership now available staring at ONLY £14.99. T&C’s apply!

From Injured to strong!

Yes, that sums me up! I have been through years of Chronic pain. Since finding Pilates 11 years ago however, I have been a work in progress. Never 100% but content with the regular 98%. Being Hypermobile, I had almost lost Hope on ever feeling ‘Normal or 100%, if you like’. The nagging pain can build up dependant on conditions i.e weather, stress. No you are NOT imagining this. Head over to WWW.BEDITAION.CO.UK for Podcasts specifically to help you relax.

If you have suffered up to 3 months, you are considered a Chronic pain sufferer! CNS (Central Nerves System), can no longer get clear messaging. The hardest part was to recondition my mind to relearn how I care for myself. Are you ready to go through regression to surpassing your expectations? Lets talk!

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LockDown Rehab blessing

Lockdown gave me some time to reflect. I started working towards my 100% dream. Yes thats right, I finally can say, NO MORE nagging pain around my neck and shoulders. As a Chronic pain sufferer, my CNS became so sensitive in those area that I never thought it can fully recover. Now, I can concentrate on working strengthening my delicate fingers which Subflux.  Atleast, I can feel them know to address this.

Every person is different. We have however some similarities that can have huge effects in our day to day lives. Holding breath is ‘Bracing’ as expalined in my previous blog,  ‘What can Lateral breathing do for me’. It also clarifies why Yoga breathing is not advised. Our upcoming workshop will cover more. In my experience, breathing a full cycle of breath is a struggle to most. Never mind newbies, even after years of practise. Don’t forget, our breath is dictated by our emotions which can change momentarily!

MPower NOT just Rehab

I am so pleased to now have gained the knowledge and now a qualified Movement & Performance Optimisation Therapy specialist! One of the reasons I love the Rehab program is the structure giving you time to focus on Breath and mobility before activating core and engaging in full body work. Lets face it, stronger working muscle group will take over and pull tighter/clench if we don’t address them. So how can we get to the weak ones?!

Movement Optimisation Therapy is a 12-week program not just to help those recovering from Injury or pain. It is for those that want to perfect their squats just like you and me! Not to mention, perfect for athletes who want to enhance their training. There are 2 programs available Shoulder and Lower Back Fix.

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Free 1hr online full body assessment followed by a detailed analysis.  Identifying the behaviours that may lead to a dysfunction, or simply suboptimal function. Full exercises library provided to aid safe training in the comfort of your out home or at the gym.

Now a fully kitted gym, offering monthly memberships for the regular attendees! Bonus 10% discount is offered on any additional treatments.

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